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Mexican Dj, Composer & Producer based in Tulum, which influenced her sound by incorporating afro-latin, ethnic, tribal, downtempo & soulful beats resulting in her signature “ETHNO-SOUL TECH” STYLE.

She is one of the most versatile Artists in the music scene of the Riviera Maya and her performances are one of a kind due to the broad musical spectrum she includes, and as a result, captivating different types of audiences.

Dulce has been mentioned in Vogue Magazine & Harper’s Bazaar and has performed internationally in different cities like Ibiza (at Ocean Drive & Jabeque as well as in Metrica Recording Studio), New York City (at The Rainbow Room) and Las Vegas (at The Wynn Hotel). She was also a part of “Mi Casa Holiday” Festival (born in Chicago) for 3 consecutive years in their Riviera Maya Edition.

In 2021, Dulce was invited by Thompson Hotels to be the “Culture Shifter Ambassador” of Thompson Playa del Carmen as this campaign focuses on well-known and emerging talents who are shifting the culture of today’s generation through both their work and personalities.

Her never-ending personal process of Spiritual and Musical evolution has inspired her to create a new Sound Healing project called “Beat  HEARTmonization”.

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